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Transfer of VHS to VCD/DVD

Today, capturing family videos can be done easily and quickly with the phone in our pocket. That hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when wedding videos, family home videos, and school performances were recorded using video cameras and then saved on VHS tapes. Whether you have a stack of VHS tapes that you’ve wanted to digitize, or you found a box of VHS tapes in your parent’s house, we can easily convert those VHS tapes to DVDs

Since DVD players are readily available in gaming systems, computers, and as standalone players it’s easy to watch a DVD just about anywhere. If you want to watch those family videos stored on VHS, it will just be easier to do if it’s transferred to a DVD.

Once the VHS tape is digitized, you can do a lot more with the content. You can add a menu and chapters to the disc so you don’t have to watch the entire video if you don’t want or painlessly wait while you fast forward or rewind through the content. Remember how long that could take on a VCR? If you opt for the analog-to-digital converter method (see the steps below) for digitizing VHS tapes you can do even more because you’re saving the video on your computer first.


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